Project Overview

In a world full of innovation, change and new information every day, a new species has been born. But we are still humans, aren't we?
HumanX is more than an NFT collection. It is a representation of everyone in web3, a connection to our past and future, a cultural phenomenon of a new era of humanity3 taking over Solana.
Day by day we are getting more integrated in a metaverse We have become bears, cats, demigods and dragons… A mix between animals, fantasy creatures and robots. We are the evolution of humans.
We are HumanX.
Representing humanity in that connection between what we were and what we are becoming, the bridge between our past and our future.
Our community, art and utilities are all revolved around this ideology:
  • Community
    . Join a community of real Humans that have come together though love for humanity and passion for true innovation . A community of thinkers, artists , musicians, comedians , intellectuals, engineers, coders , gamers ,streamers and the list goes on and on….Discover you calling through being part of what Humans were always meant to be part of. A true no border, open armed, all inclusive family.
  • Art
    . Inspired by all the possible shapes and forms someone can adopt in Web3 we have created a collection of more than 800 traits and 50 1/1s that is going to give everyone a truly unique persona through their PFP…And an unique experience with an art-based gamified experience. A feeling that you are actually immersed in what can only be described as the real metaverse how you might wonder? Just keep on reading Human.
  • Utilities
    . All the utilities are developed by Gada Labs, the technological branch of HumanX. In Gada Labs we are creating a set of tools to change the way we interact with our NFTs, reward active holders and diamond hands and bring mass adoption with B2B tools for enterprises.
    • Gada: As we know, there is yet a huge technical barrier that is preventing many businesses from stepping into the world of NFTs and Web3. Gada is a tool that aims to break that barrier and allow these businesses to reduce the time and cost associated by 90% through providing by what can only be described as a ‘’One Click Coding ‘’ service . From NFTs to Tokens and all in between Gada will be the choice for everyone that is looking for a frictionless onboarding experience.
    • Dynamic NFTs: like in a videogame, your NFTs will evolve depending on your actions. We are creating a revolutionary tool to make all NFTs change their art and metadata based upon a set of rules that projects can define. A new experience for holders.
    • Trait Store: an unique place where holders can purchase new or existing traits and customise their NFTs as desired. Our art team will be working to create 1/1 fully customised versions of HumanX NFTs and provide holders with banners and all type of art work.
    • More to come: this is only the tip of the iceberg. HumanX is here to build the future of web3 and NFTs.
Our vision
Build a community and a culture of Humans who feel represented with their respective NFT, being half animal and half robot never made more sense, all while retaining your Humanity. Become a home for thousands of people who want to find a place and a culture that represents them in however they choose to be a part off . A new era of humanity which together will build a long-standing technological brand for the future of NFTs and Web3.
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